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Auction Domain – evaluation, useful info domain forums Part 2

The second option – do forums. To sell their Google-chrome I posted an ad on such domain forums: is probably the most popular forum this topic. If I’m not mistaken belongs Maulnetu and was bought for crazy for me 15 or 20 thousand. Bucks 🙂 So, there I own domain and sold. There are materials for beginners and Forums for any issues related to domain – something like Serch, but under the theme of domain names. Very enjoyable moment is a system reviews (transactions), ie buying and selling domains can earn some credibility, which in turn somehow ensures a successful transaction. – in fact they also have a section devoted to domains where you can also find/place information about buying or selling. Plus forum that attendance is more, though full of throwing and frivolous people.

Two representatives from Uanet. In principle, everything is standard here – you can chat, read interesting information and to sign a couple of deals. The first project is more advanced – as in there domenforume has reviews and deals, in addition, bolted to the forum store domain names (only with Ukrainian domains).

Almost all of these forums have sections with an estimate of the domain name sale at a specified price, auction (when you specify a starting price step and blitz, and users trying to outbid each other’s domain). There are still for sale when you just listened to suggestions 🙂 In general – for every taste.

So, you create a new topic in any of the appropriate sections can describe its benefits to your domain traffic, if any, when registered, anyone – that is important. By the way, I would recommend to any domain hang some simple website/blog on the subject – even one page. Search Engines will index it, which will also be a nice addition when purchasing. Domain parking can be arranged – if he is good, then more and earn it.

I know there are still different domain auctions, but what seems to be there for the services is commission. Because a lot of money for their modest names I did not expect to receive, decided to sell directly without offices. Generally I do not read much about selling domain names and only two thoughts came to mind. Firstly, a lot depends on luck, I think.

Sometimes you read about these transactions, that does not fit in my head why people threw so much money for an entirely unnecessary or obscure domain. Although, as someone rightly said, if a person knows exactly what he needs or that the domain name and it is really needed, it can amount to pay a lot. On the other hand, the need to fumble business domain (as in any other, in principle).

During the day, perhaps, bought hundreds of thousands of domains, as many of them released without any sales. If you think – or that the name can cost 100, $ 1,000, it does not mean that the way it is. The same Algis once told that initially squandered on useless domains are not one piece of dollars. In short, you need to think very well and analyze many different factors, if you want to buy a domain name for sale.

And then there is an impression that 90% of the selling price overstate, and most of them are all useless domain names.

Auction Domain – evaluation, useful info domain forums

Selling domain – is not easy, so I decided to talk a little bit about his life experiences. I hope the information is useful 🙂 As often happens in the course of work and various brainstorming – you suddenly appears unrealistic interesting and cool idea, which certainly want to implement.

The first step in such cases, after thinking through the basic parts, of course, there is the purchase of a domain – check that employs freely and finding a good domain name that you register away from sin, so then do not bite your elbows. It takes a month or two, to engage in their new promising project as something not very good, in the end, after six months there is a desire to sell this domain.

In principle, all right – at least, you can recoup the cost of the domain, the maximum help out with this a lot of money, if the domain name is good.

The first thing you need to evaluate your domain. Here, of course, need to have some experience to do such a thing. In specialized forums (which I will discuss later) have special sections where you can just evaluate their domain names or to sell without a price – but who will offer. On the basis of reading online, I can say that the value of the domain is influenced factors:

Domains – .com are better than .net, although the latter did. For the best you’ll ever need to take .ru, although there has recently become more complex nuances of registration, about the transfer of domain I generally keep quiet – the last century, all by the papers (almost). In Ukraine, the most popular –, although for many projects I take in order to reach the maximum ru audience.

The second point, of course, the domain name – there is two ways – either it is made of keywords, which is good for SEO, or just a very cool meaning. Although the second – a very abstract concept, I’m often looking for the keys. It should be noted that the number of words in the domain best taken 1-2 3 – is worse. Hyphen, hiking, and reduces its cost, although personally I find it a very logical thing.

When evaluating domain, by the way, I asked for advice and Maulnetu Algis (with him there cool interview – on Webmaster Radio). The meaning was such that they seem like domains are involved, so I decided to offer them and at the same time to evaluate – it is clear that it is slightly so “obsessive.” I was pleasantly surprised that they both responded to the mail – Respect 🙂

Actually, perhaps it is the initial step – to try to sell the domain of people who are actively engaged in them. Just as with the sale of sites – there are forums comrades who constantly buy up new projects.

Shared Web hosting

The easiest, cheapest and most suitable for the mass of smaller companies form the internet presence is the shared web hosting. Here you share a physical web server with many other customers of the web host. So the provider grabs multiple Web presences on a computer – which makes the rent unbeatable. Visitors to your site normally realize that none of them share a server with others.

All professional web hosting providers offer their customers various packages with preconfigured services: the price for the rental of the package thereby determine parameters such as the size of the web space, the number of Internet domains, the number of mail addresses or the amount of available databases. The web pages you administer either in the office, from home or while on the go using an ordinary web and FTP access and a website tool.

To most effectively utilize the data center, the servers are often tightly packed in racks. It is possible to effectively utilize the data center.

Already for less than a euro a month you will receive today a webspace package with one or more GB of storage space, a domain name and dozens of e-mail mailboxes. In the entry level web hosts offer their clients ready-made Web applications, easily manageable home-kits and content modules.

More expensive packages include more services in the basic services – such as more web space, multiple domains – and in addition also include developer features like script execution or database connectivity.