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Selling domain – is not easy, so I decided to talk a little bit about his life experiences. I hope the information is useful 🙂 As often happens in the course of work and various brainstorming – you suddenly appears unrealistic interesting and cool idea, which certainly want to implement.

The first step in such cases, after thinking through the basic parts, of course, there is the purchase of a domain – check that employs freely and finding a good domain name that you register away from sin, so then do not bite your elbows. It takes a month or two, to engage in their new promising project as something not very good, in the end, after six months there is a desire to sell this domain.

In principle, all right – at least, you can recoup the cost of the domain, the maximum help out with this a lot of money, if the domain name is good.

The first thing you need to evaluate your domain. Here, of course, need to have some experience to do such a thing. In specialized forums (which I will discuss later) have special sections where you can just evaluate their domain names or to sell without a price – but who will offer. On the basis of reading online, I can say that the value of the domain is influenced factors:

Domains – .com are better than .net, although the latter did. For the best you’ll ever need to take .ru, although there has recently become more complex nuances of registration, about the transfer of domain I generally keep quiet – the last century, all by the papers (almost). In Ukraine, the most popular –, although for many projects I take in order to reach the maximum ru audience.

The second point, of course, the domain name – there is two ways – either it is made of keywords, which is good for SEO, or just a very cool meaning. Although the second – a very abstract concept, I’m often looking for the keys. It should be noted that the number of words in the domain best taken 1-2 3 – is worse. Hyphen, hiking, and reduces its cost, although personally I find it a very logical thing.

When evaluating domain, by the way, I asked for advice and Maulnetu Algis (with him there cool interview – on Webmaster Radio). The meaning was such that they seem like domains are involved, so I decided to offer them and at the same time to evaluate – it is clear that it is slightly so “obsessive.” I was pleasantly surprised that they both responded to the mail – Respect 🙂

Actually, perhaps it is the initial step – to try to sell the domain of people who are actively engaged in them. Just as with the sale of sites – there are forums comrades who constantly buy up new projects.