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Auction Domain – evaluation, useful info domain forums Part 2

The second option – do forums. To sell their Google-chrome I posted an ad on such domain forums: is probably the most popular forum this topic. If I’m not mistaken belongs Maulnetu and was bought for crazy for me 15 or 20 thousand. Bucks 🙂 So, there I own domain and sold. There are More

Auction Domain – evaluation, useful info domain forums

Selling domain – is not easy, so I decided to talk a little bit about his life experiences. I hope the information is useful 🙂 As often happens in the course of work and various brainstorming – you suddenly appears unrealistic interesting and cool idea, which certainly want to implement. The first step in such More

Shared Web hosting

The easiest, cheapest and most suitable for the mass of smaller companies form the internet presence is the shared web hosting. Here you share a physical web server with many other customers of the web host. So the provider grabs multiple Web presences on a computer – which makes the rent unbeatable. Visitors to your More