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Shared Web hosting

The easiest, cheapest and most suitable for the mass of smaller companies form the internet presence is the shared web hosting. Here you share a physical web server with many other customers of the web host. So the provider grabs multiple Web presences on a computer – which makes the rent unbeatable. Visitors to your site normally realize that none of them share a server with others.

All professional web hosting providers offer their customers various packages with preconfigured services: the price for the rental of the package thereby determine parameters such as the size of the web space, the number of Internet domains, the number of mail addresses or the amount of available databases. The web pages you administer either in the office, from home or while on the go using an ordinary web and FTP access and a website tool.

To most effectively utilize the data center, the servers are often tightly packed in racks. It is possible to effectively utilize the data center.

Already for less than a euro a month you will receive today a webspace package with one or more GB of storage space, a domain name and dozens of e-mail mailboxes. In the entry level web hosts offer their clients ready-made Web applications, easily manageable home-kits and content modules.

More expensive packages include more services in the basic services – such as more web space, multiple domains – and in addition also include developer features like script execution or database connectivity.